Colorado’s ATV laws

Colorado’s ATV laws

When it comes to ATV laws in Colorado, it’s best to do your research.  Here we’ve provided links to several sites with information about ATV laws in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides information on Colorado’s Off-Highway Vehicle program.  “Before your adventure begins, familiarize yourself with Colorado’s Off-Highway Vehicle Program, and its related information and brochures on this Website, to ensure your safety and enjoyment as a responsible rider.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission lists rules and regulations for ATV use in every state across the country.  It also includes links to ATV training courses, registration information and Colorado’s specific ATV laws.

The Bureau of Land Management also provides information on OHV and ATV use. ”

Visitors must abide by vehicle designations on BLM public lands. Recreation areas may be classified as either open, limited or closed to off-highway vehicles.”

For a more playful bit of information on ATVs, here’s a video on after-market upgrades for your ATV, UTV or OHV.